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How many of them have you watched?
We all know how much Netflix basically rewrote the rules on media consumption when it launched as a streaming service in 2007. But just how much? Well, countless other streaming services followed—Amazon Prime, Disney+, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, just to name a ...
Stiff competition, macroeconomic changes, and the Ukraine invasion have plagued the streaming giant.
Are you looking to cancel that Netflix subscription, too?2022 is off to a rough start for Netflix as it is seeing its first dip in its subscriber count, which happens to be its largest since 2004.The streaming giant had a net loss ...
Going international.
The upcoming TV prison series Sellblock has found its lead star. Jericho Rosales will headline the cast of the series which is being produced by ABS-CBN and BlackOps Studios Asia, according to Hollywood trade platform Variety. Sellblock is an action drama series set ...
The vinyl revolution is upon us.
Here’s something music lovers would find interesting: despite digital connectivity with our everyday gadgets and telco services, the crusty old vinyl record is making one of the most surprising comebacks in this age of digital music streaming. Vinyl LP sales surged over ...
Sleep streaming is a thing.
A Filipino gamer puts a new spin to the phrase, “earning money while you sleep.” Euan Garcera, aka ETS Gaming, has been streaming his gaming content on Facebook for almost a year, but penetrating the gaming community and earning money from streaming is ...
How many have you watched?
Many of us have turned to Netflix this past year when we were forced to stay indoors because of quarantine restrictions. Binge-watching movies and TV shows was how we coped and stayed sane when we couldn’t get out. That got us wondering exactly ...
Piracy in the age of streaming is a morally gray issue.
In its heyday, fantasy epic Game of Thrones was one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. This distinction carried one other notable fact: It was also one of the world’s most pirated TV shows. In fact, records show that the ...
March isn’t off to a great start for K-pop fans.
This isn’t a good time to be a big K-pop fan. At the stroke of midnight on Sunday (February 28), fans noticed that hundreds of K-pop songs disappeared off of Spotify. The scrubbing seems to have occurred worldwide as affected listeners took to ...
The streaming giant hit 200 million paying subscribers in 2020.
Netflix is on a roll and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. The streaming giant reported that it hit a total of 204 million paying subscribers worldwide, which is nearly double the current population of the Philippines (110 million). That means ...
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