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Rx: Museums. 
It’s not the first time doctors have prescribed hobbies and adventures as medicine for the soul. Doctors in the U.K. once prescribed gardening for patients struggling with anxiety and depression, and now, Belgian doctors are prescribing peaceful museum tours for patients struggling ...
Stress and pressure are unavoidable, but here are a few tips on how you can handle them.
How do you handle stress and pressure? They’re inevitable parts of our daily lives, whether they're due to working in high-pressure environments, dealing with conflict between people close to us, or figuring out how to make ends meet. So knowing how to ...
You'll forget all about your problems in no time.
Ever feel like you're so stressed out, your head is about to explode? Reach for your phone, connect your earphones, and load these award-winning games. There are no shoot-'em-ups here, just weirdly soothing but engaging gameplay that's guaranteed to bring down your ...
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