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How do Ghibli characters say I love you without saying I love you?
It’s the sweetest (or most bitter, depending on where you are in life) time of the year. Some of us have planned dates, but a lot will be preaching and practicing self-love.Whether you’re spending Valentine's Day alone or with a special someone, ...
And you thought the movie was depressing? Wait till you hear about the true story it was based on.
In times of devastation, it’s common for anyone to turn towards entertainment as a means of escape. Fictional movies and books, specifically, are some of the most sought-after remedies to any sort of emotional turmoil. Though the fantasy lasts ony a couple ...
HBO Max will become the exclusive streaming partner of Studio Ghibli.
Are you ready for Grave of the Fireflies on demand?In May 2020, Studio Ghibli’s entire catalog, which includes iconic animated films like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away, will make its streaming debut on HBO Max. Studio Ghibli films have never been ...
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