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STI partnered with Landbank for a first-of-its-kind student loan scheme.
A student loan program offered by a bank and one of the largest networks of private schools in the country aims to help students and their parents cope with difficulties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.ALSO READ: EDUCATIONThis is How You Can ...
Well, damn.
That headline probably made you want to spring up from your seat—if you didn’t, then you probably should. Because apparently, spending more than 9.5 hours a day glued to your office chair might just send you to the grave faster than you ...
A new study says owning an iPhone automatically makes people think you're wealthy.
Expensive clothing accessories are no longer the best indicators of wealth, says a new study.A U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research study shows that people are more likely to look at the phone you’re using instead of the bag you’re toting. University of ...
The CDC has traced thousands of illnesses back to contaminated public pools, hot tubs, spas and waterparks.
Summer pool parties are great—except when the water is filled with shit.Thousands of people have gotten sick from water contaminated with bacteria or parasites from other people's diarrhea, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Between 2000 and 2014, ...
Fact is, you’re as happy as the country you live in.
The United Nations recently published the 2018 edition of its annual World Happiness Report, which aims to gauge a country’s happiness based on several factors, with the intention of using it as a guide for social development. It’s a lofty ambition, seeking ...
A new study by CatchOn shows millennials are interested in Instagram-ready plating and ingredients’ provenance, among others.
The future of food is in the hands of the smartphone-obsessed, vocal, and intelligent millennials. The scrutinized generation is rapidly altering the food industry—from its health-conscious eating habits to its developed taste for obscure international snacks.In the fourth edition of Future of ...
If you’re one of the unlucky ones that turn red as a tomato after drinking then you might want to lay off the alcohol.
The curse of the Asian flush is this: A lobster-red face and a warm uncomfortable feeling all over.These symptoms often occur almost immediately after sipping alcohol, and with continued drinking progresses to heightened heart rates, headaches, and nausea.According to a study published ...
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