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People just want to go back to normal.
A new survey of Filipinos’ sentiments over a year into the coronavirus pandemic found that 63 percent of respondents say life has gotten worse. Twenty-nine percent said that nothing has changed in their households, while eight percent claim life has actually improved.About ...
Listen to your brain.
Life in quarantine has been an endless repetitive routine, mostly involving your job, chores, and other responsibilities. If you work remotely, though, a big part of your schedule definitely involves virtual meetings. Science shits on Zoom a lot (check receipts here and here) but new research has revealed just how it affects ...
Second only to Singapore.
If you think living in Manila is expensive, you’re not imagining things. In a survey of home rental prices across six cities in Southeast Asia, the Philippine capital ranked second, just behind Singapore. According to research by ecommerce aggregator iPrice, the price of ...
Majority of survey respondents also said Donald Trump is “very responsible” discrimination against Asian-Americans.
Over half of Filipinos residing in the United States have experienced some form of racism throughout their lives, while nearly 30 percent say they’ve been the target of racism over the past year. This was one of the findings of American market research and ...
It could be a sign of people’s warped priorities.
Filipinos seem to be more interested about Ivermectin than finding out how to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if the results of a new study are to be believed. According to a study by meta search platform iPrice, there were 224,110 searches for ‘Ivermectin’ ...
Philippines records second-highest increase in visits to ecommerce sites, just behind Singapore.
More Filipinos are visiting online ecommerce sites, but average spend is about the same, the results of a study conducted by meta-search website iPrice Group said.According to the Map of E-commerce Yearend 2020 report, online shopping sites in the Philippines experienced a ...
Young men are probably too busy playing Genshin Impact and Fortnite.
Casual sex among young people is on the decline and it seems like the culprit is the fact that boys are preoccupied with video games while girls are consuming less alcohol. Scott J. South, distinguished professor of sociology at the State University of ...
That’s almost a full day’s shift.
At this point, internet access has long moved past privilege and is now into essential territory. Millions rely on it for work and productivity, especially during the pandemic. But just how pricey is internet in the Philippines in relation to how much ...
Up to a fifth of future workforces could be “gig employees.”
In the next three to five years, over half of financial institutions worldwide say they will hire more freelance workers or so-called “gig employees,” findings of a study by multinational PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) revealed. The report entitled “Productivity 2021 and beyond: Upskilling the workforce ...
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