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Bye-bye, turbo
The all-new Forester has been revealed and Subaru’s popular AWD crossover offering will be available in the Philippines in three variants, and here are the prices:If you’ve been following news surrounding this vehicle’s Philippine arrival, you’ll know that the Forester no longer packs a ...
Here are all the new features that make the redesigned Forester the best choice.
Compact crossovers are a popular choice these days as they fit almost every driving occasion. To keep up with its competitors, Subaru has beefed up the upcoming Forester with extraordinary new features, functionality, and more.Town&Country was given the chance to experience the ...
Subaru's EyeSight Technology provides extra awareness that can minimize or prevent accidents.
The era of autonomous vehicles is upon us. Though talk has been mainly focused on fully driverless cars, Subaru is offering the next best thing with its semi-autonomous safety features.Motor Image, the Asian region's official distributor for Subaru, recently launched the latest ...
Baby’s red Impreza was just sold on eBay for a huge sum.
Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is already one of this year’s best films, if not only its most iconic. Apart from the killer soundtrack, exhilarating chase sequences, and excellent overall direction, the movie also managed to introduce a lot of icons into the ...
Everyone’s talking about the score, but it’s a great film for much more than that.
Much has already been said about Ansel Elgort and the Baby Driver soundtrack—the standout stars of director Edgar Wright’s latest movie. But because film is a collaborative medium, and the end result is always greater than the sum of its parts, we’ve ...
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