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The menswear enthusiast knocked on their doors and got a coveted apprenticeship.  
Most men will wear a suit at least once in their lifetime. But true gentlemen know the value of a suit: the fit, the fabric, and the minute details that showcase heritage and craftsmanship. Young Filipino tailoring apprentice Bermon Magat is learning all ...
At Dior, mix and match is the new mood.
How do you choose what to wear in the morning? You grab this shirt and put on that pair of pants. And, because you are a man of discernment (and never the man who would just wear whatever is on top of ...
Bond likes to showboat, but the low-key players of Christopher Nolan's new film dress for the job at hand.
Drop tailoring into an action blockbuster and it's hard not to draw the James Bond comparisons. He was patient zero of impractical officewear, given that he spends more time shooting henchman en masse than he does filling in the inevitable workplace disciplinary ...
An investigation.
What are we looking at here? Well, Matt Bomer, of course. There he is, doing his handsome celebrity thing in some classic glasses, a nicely tailored suit, and a turtleneck. But what are we really looking at? We are looking at a toasted coconut—or ...
It’s a one-stop shop for menswear and grooming.
When JE&Co first opened its doors on Malingap Street in 2013, it melded into the charming and intimate vibe of Teacher’s Village and added to its diverse appeal. Over the years, the shop has become very much a part of the neighborhood, fulfilling ...
Trends come and go (and your mileage may vary), but here are the fundamentals.
Buying a suit off the rack can be a pretty simple process, but that doesn't mean it's as easy as finding your size (you do know it, right?) and throwing something on. There are several factors well worth considering if you want ...
Bianca Cordero breaks the stereotype that custom-made suits are only made by men.
In her studio on Katipunan Avenue, Bianca Cordero is challenging the notion that only male tailors can make custom-made suits, while women like her are better off sticking to gowns. One famous client helped the female tailor prove the naysayers wrong. “My first ...
How do you dress formally in a relaxed office environment? Here's your answer.
The slackening of office dress codes was supposed to be a good thing. A liberation from the (polka-dotted) ties that bind, freeing us to experiment with our style. But it hasn’t really worked out that way.Inspired by the utilitarian habits of Silicon ...
Neapolitan suits have a natural relaxed swagger about them.
There are rules to dressing well and they’re different for men and women, and unfortunately for men living in this world of ready-to-wear’s homogenized sizes, the biggest challenge is picking the right clothes for your body shape. Simply put, it comes down ...
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