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Philippine History was removed from the curriculum in 2014.
In 2014, the Department of Education removed Philippine History from the curriculum of high school students. Now, a petition is calling for its return. In 2017, education secretary Leonor Briones defended the move, saying "While Philippine History, as a subject, is no longer part ...
Cua predicted 2020 was going to be strong, prosperous, and lucky. 
In 2020, astrologer and feng shui expert Hanz Cua predicted 2020 was going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for all of us. He was wrong. Now, Cua predicts 2021 will be a worse year than 2020.According to Cua, 2020 ...
A student shares his experience as a Grade 12 enrollee. 
Ryle is a grade 12 student in a private school in Pampanga. Every day, he wakes up early to attend his online classes, which start from 7:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. “It’s really difficult,” Ryle (not his real name) tells Esquire ...
The project is already getting unwanted criticism for its danger to the environment.
According to Infrawatch PH, a think tank focused on infrastructure projects, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) controversial white sand project along Manila Bay most likely costs P795,000… per meter. The beach is 500 meters long, so the total calculation for ...
Censors can't be 'God' of the Internet, says lawyer.
The Philippines' censors board, under current laws, cannot "play God" and extend its reach to streaming platforms such as Netflix, a mass media law professor said Friday. The public should also be vigilant over such moves since it could extend to other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, she said.Top Story: How 8 ...
It’s not that simple.
It didn’t take long before citizens on social media reacted to the news about “white sand” being dumped on Manila’s baywalk area. Workers contracted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources were seen bringing the sand to a stretch of the ...
The cyber scam comes just weeks after the Philippines was linked to another international financial scam, the Wirecard scandal.
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) has become embroiled in a money heist worth a Netflix movie, with around P167 million now missing from the bank. The cyber scam comes just weeks after the Philippines was linked to another international financial scam, the ...
"Christmas in Our Hearts" has been ringing in the yuletide season for the last 30 years.
It’s the first week of September and already we can’t get enough of Jose Mari Chan.Thirty years after the singer-songwriter released the song “Christmas In Our Hearts,” it’s remained the blockbuster staple that kicks off the Philippine yuletide season every September, likely ...
And we put together a couple of our own.
If you woke up this morning and your Facebook feed was filled with avatars of friends, well, you're not alone. Top Story: How Wealthy Was the Rizal Family?Some loved the good vibes and quickly came up with their own, while others had something snarky ...
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