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It was dedicated to frontliners, the real heroes.
In artist AG Saño's world, Darna is a real-life superhero. In May, he painted a Darna mural on the side of a condo in Maginhawa, Quezon City, but instead of the usual slinky two-piece, the building-sized version of Mars Ravelo's iconic heroine ...
It's smaller than a 5-peso coin.
A group of researchers recently discovered a new species of helmet orchids in Palawan. The species' scientific name is Corybas circinatus, from the Latin word circino or "to make round", referencing the way the petals coil around the flower in a circular fashion. ...
This is how gyms will look under the new normal.
Fitness is among the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, with gyms remaining closed even during the general community quarantine.Still, that hasn't stopped local operators like Evolution Wellness Philippines (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness) from crafting a business plan more suited to the new ...
Jophel Ybiosa manages to capture evocative meanings, even with the simplest photographers.
It's difficult to memorize all the awards Jophel Ybiosa has received for his photography. In 2019, he was the first Filipino to win first prize at the Chromatic Awards International Color Photography Contest. Before that he was an eight-time Ani ng Dangal Awardee for Visual Arts of ...
He's a newly minted doctor and mayor.
It may have been a natural progression when newly minted physician Marco Chavez was elected Mayor of the town of San Jose in Camarines Sur just last year. As soon as COVID-19 broke in the Philippines, the 20-something public servant returned to ...
The new social media app might just disrupt the disruptor.
Facebook has become a breeding ground for fake accounts and fake news, and with all the drama surrounding CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership, another Mark has entered the fray with his own disruptive social media platform: Mark Weinstein, CEO of MeWe, the “Anti-Facebook.”Top ...
Patrick Cabral is the first Filipino artist to collaborate with the coffee chain.
If you collect Starbucks tumblers (at this point, we're pretty sure you have an accidental collection anyway), pay attention because the coffee chain is coming out with something you'll want to get your hands on, stat: Starbucks tapped world-renowned Filipino artist Patrick ...
Its fibers are now being made into face masks and PPE.
Today’s lesson is brought to you by the great abaca, the Philippine plant that looks like a banana plant but it is not (they're closely related). It’s great because of its fibers, which is the strongest natural fiber in the world. It ...
The 18-year-old is skipping college to sign with the NBA’s minor league.
Filipino sensation Kai Sotto is skipping college and is headed to the National Basketball Association’s G-League, the first international draft prospect to do so. The seven-foot-two Filipino player is skipping college to head directly to the NBA’s official minor league, according to a ...
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