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I Care a Lot sees another villain doing evil in great shades, and there's perhaps more to it than just looking cool
In I Care a Lot’s pivotal scene, Rosamund Pike's Marla appears at the house of a spinster who is spending her twilight years either indoors, or at aquarobics. Pike is reassuring, smiling, and hiding behind a pair of sunglasses. Her performance, which earned Pike ...
Sunglasses with timeless appeal.
In 2016 the watch company Omega launched a line of luxury sunglasses. High-end eyewear is not an area traditionally associated with Swiss watchmaking. But then as Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s president and CEO, announced at the time: “This is a chance to find new ways to ...
Eyes on the skies.
Last year, Dolce & Gabbana demonstrated that the only sunglasses you could ever truly need is a pair in simple black acetate. The "Domenico," named after Domenico Dolce, half of the eponymous duo, was the big focus for 2019 and about as ...
Peep the best of #LeaveOurShadesAlone.
It didn't take long for the ballot recount of the 2016 Vice Presidential elections to stir more acrimony between the camps of actual Vice President Leni Robredo and pretender to the throne Bongbong Marcos. Among the issues that have been raised is the recount's shading threshold, or how much ...
Light up your face with the right-colored shades.
While there’s certainly no beating timeless classics, such as a pair of aviators or wayfarers, sunglasses have come a long way in terms of selection, style, and technology. So how do you choose a pair that will best suit your face? And ...
Here's what you should know about the world's most popular sunglasses.
The iconic Wayfarer has appeared on the faces of some of modern history’s most notable personalities, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Anna Wintour, and Humphrey Bogart. Behind the frames, however, are a few stories worth noting as well. Here's what you should know about ...
Cool and elegant shapes worn by Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Steve McQueen and today’s stylish set.
Many articles will have you believe that Ray-Ban scored a cameo in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s but Holly Golightly’s sunglasses were designed by Oliver Goldsmith. The dark tortoiseshell model is called Manhattan, which also happens to be Holly’s social playground. ...
So far.
The Wayfarer is one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes out there, strong enough to support a million variations on the original. Which is exactly why Ray-Ban decided to bring a little '60s style into the mix with the cult-classic Meteor. If ...
From Gucci to Rayban, Moscot to Specs
Summer is just here. With that in mind we've got your eyewear covered with classic men's sunglasses like Gucci and Ray-Ban and lesser-known names like Moscot and Specs. Whether it is a pair of Persol tortoiseshell frames à la The Thomas Crown ...
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