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Starring Erich Gonzales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Jericho Rosales.
You’ve either been to Siargao at least once in the past few months, or you’ve seen the enviable Instagram photos of folks who have. It’s been the destination-of-the-moment for a while now, for its waves and white sand beaches, and more and ...
Chefs do surf.
Chef JP Anglo is no newbie when it comes to doing TV shows. Before he was an established chef, the Bacolod native was tapped to be one of the judges on Master Chef Philippines. He’s proved himself since with Sarsá, his innovative take on ...
Dressing up for the beach can be a tricky affair.
I don’t imagine that too many of you reading this are real surfers. I’d even go as far as to say that absolutely none of you actually know how to surf—because if you did, you probably wouldn’t be so concerned about how ...
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