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They're slightly more expensive, but Bryan Chua says they're worth it.
There has probably never been a moment in history when people have been more obsessed about cleaning their homes as we are now. Although science says the coronavirus is mostly airborne, that hasn’t stopped many of us from constantly making sure our ...
It's enough for a fancy buffet dinner (if buffets were still a thing).
We’ve all heard stories about how the planet is dying because of too much plastic in the world. And the Philippines, not suprisingly, is one of the world’s worst offenders in the plastic pollution problem, as well as the rest of Southeast ...
The global beauty brand wants to break your single-use sachet habit.
Sustainability is one of those lofty concepts that’s hard to pin down. How can you stop being a jerk to Mother Nature? Do you use a bamboo straw but deprive baby pandas of food? Do you use a metal straw, save baby ...
Petition to make 'sustainable gifting' a thing.
Christmas is a time for celebrations and merriment, but based on statistics around the world, this excessiveness comes at a cost. People generate more waste during the holiday season than any other time of the year, and the numbers show no improvement.In ...
Hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, Vietnam, Bali, and Taipei are embracing the sustainable food movement.
If you still think sustainability is a passing trend, data proves otherwise. Entire industries are embracing the movement and in 2018, a recorded 89 percent of businesses have acknowledged the need to address Sustainable Development Goals, reported by the World Business Council ...
From sustainable pet accessories to compostable slippers, these are the brands that need to be on your radar.
Years ago, social enterprises were a novelty that simply piqued the interest of consumers. Nowadays, such cause-driven businesses are so prolific that it’s suddenly become the norm. This leaves consumers with a multitude of options, from well-established brands to promising newcomers. The ...
“There are no easy answers but we owe it to the future to explore it right?”
When the Global Climate Strike (GCS) took place for one full week last September, news outlets jumped at the chance to cover the phenomenon. Immediately after the media announced that thousands of people had taken to the streets, the actual numbers jumped ...
They’re pushing the boundaries of philanthropy by incorporating sustainable practices.
In this day and age, it’s not enough to set up a non-profit organization that will address present needs. If the current slew of organizations is any indication, a truly dynamic foundation is collaborative, holistic, and future-forward, and that means considering other ...
When 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on August 28 after sailing the Atlantic Ocean, environmental activism experienced a reawakening.
The Global Climate Strike (GCS) is a week-long campaign against the climate crisis that has resulted in irreversible damage over the years. The campaign just kickstarted last September 20, but it had been making waves long before, through the voice of Swedish ...
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