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The Swatch Group doesn’t just make Swatch watches.
The Swatch Group plans to cut six percent of its workforce, or about 2,400 jobs and close 260 stores as part of its downsizing and cost-cutting measures brought about by the negative effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report ...
The new, all-white Sistem51 Hodinkee Summer Edition just debuted.
To understand the concept of sprezzatura, a word that, much like “luxury” and “bespoke,” has been so misused in the past decade that it barely means anything anymore, you could look no further than the habit of certain successful men, who can easily ...
Ahead of the April release of 'No Time to Die', Swatch has created a sextet of timepieces that pay homage to James Bond films, starting with 'Dr No.'
James Bond's watches—like his cars—are the eternal subject of nerdery, fandom, and collector obsession. They're laden with gadgets that save his life, but they don't skimp on the looks. Since Goldeneye, 007 has had his watches provided by Omega, which has led ...
Swatch international vice president and COO Gonzalo De Cevallos talks collabs, streetwear, and relevance.
For 36 years, Swatch has remained on top of its game and continues to show no signs of slowing down. To prove this, the brand launched two new collections to much excitement: the Big Bold Collection and a collaboration with BAPE. Both ...
The new Sistem51 Blue Edition is more than just good looks.
Swatch is the great equalizer of the watch world. No matter whether you're a seasoned collector with money to burn or young watch fan just starting out, the brand's mix of horological know-how and stylish design holds an undeniable appeal. That's why, ...
Because you can never have too many tickers in your collection.
Every man—no matter how simple or powerful—has exactly 24 hours in every day of his life, but how many have a face to wear on their wrist for each hour? Are there actually 24 watches that are worth wearing in this world? ...
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