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There are plaques commemorating Rizal’s visit to the central European nation.
Jose Rizal’s travels in Europe are well-dcoumented. Our national hero left the Philippines in 1882 to study medicine in Spain. He also visited France to learn more about how medicine was practiced there. And of course, it was in Germany where he ...
A new tool is here to ease travel anxiety
In modern day society, we have to consider the safety and risk factor of certain countries before deciding where to go on holiday. It can be a topic of concern for some but luckily the medical and security services firm International SOS have created ...
The legendary Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland isn't your usual school.
You wake up in your private bedroom and breathe in the crisp Swiss air. Outside your window, you see the last traces of fog disperse along the banks of Lake Geneva. The estate’s perfectly manicured lawns glisten with the morning dew. The ...
The mayor did not want non-residents to feel jealous of his beautiful town.
For a long time, the small town of Bergün lived in the shadow of popular cousins Geneva and Zurich. Not anymore. Its hidden gem status has given way to Internet stardom.On May 31, the Bergün mayor came out on video pleading with ...
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