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Watching him the past few weeks is a reminder that there are better days ahead for all of us.
It is very difficult to smell the roses. But I hope Ben Affleck is taking a huge whiff of 'em from the deck of J.Lo's yacht right now.For a while there, it felt like the only things Anyone Online (worst kind of ...
The actress claims her agreement ensured the film would release exclusively in theaters.
By most accounts, Marvel's Black Widow was another success for the studio that makes roughly 80 percent of all media nowadays. (Don't trust us on our math.) We saw a villain twist for the ages, the return of JLD, and a Hawkeye tease that still has us reeling.Why do ...
Stay active and connected with all the cool features of these digital watches.
High-tech contraptions loaded with bells and whistles, digital watches for men are meant for living life to the fullest. Below, we rounded up some of the coolest timekeepers you can take on a run, hike, or swim.Serious multisport athletes will get a kick ...
Swatch has collaborated with artists, brands, and designers to create these standout watches.
Plain has never been in Swatch’s vocabulary. The Swiss watch brand has set itself apart from other brands by eschewing classic styles for spirited designs. For Swatch, a watch is a fashion statement. Bold and current, Swatch watches for men frequently reference pop ...
Ko is now a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy.
One might say she's a knight of the round (dining) table. Entrepreneur Florence Ko has been knighted with the title Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia, an honor bestowed by the Italian government.For close to two decades, Ko, co-founder and president of Gruppo Mobili, ...
Today's video games are like watching a movie, but back 40 years ago we were hooked on 8-bit graphics.
Back in the '80s, kids didn’t have handheld video games or apps on their phones to play with. At best, they had a newfangled home device like the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, or the Intellivision tethered to their televisions so they could play ...
How a dangerous error at the 2000 Sydney Games cost a gymnast her gold medal.
The gymnastics vault is methodical. “One small step, you know, one inch is a really big difference," former U.S. Olympic gymnast Elise Ray says on the new podcast Blind Landing. “It completely plays a factor in your run and your hurdle and your entry.”Ray was ...
Is 2002/2021's hottest couple...remaking the 'Jenny from the Block' music video? Let's consider the evidence.
When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their romance this past April, it was a reminder that joy could still grow in the darkness. Those kids are out here sneaking around in broad daylight, leaving each other's apartments and hugging for the ...
We've already come a long way since the unf*ckable beds.
After a long, long wait for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we should've known that we'd be in for a hell of a ride when the first meme-y story was whether or not the beds in the Olympic Village were sex-proof.Now, we're not even a week ...
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