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In the past few years, Hollywood has recast the male Adonis as slim, bookish, and emotionally available. Some men aren’t happy about it. Where does that leave you?
Back in the nineties and early aughts, my homeboys and I would attend NBA All-Star weekends. More times than not, our crew included my day one—may he rest in peace—Neal Franklin Blassingame Jr.Blass.Blass was a legend in my hometown, in part for ...
The sensation of the fabric on the skin was so smooth and soft, you thank every silkworm that gave its life for this beauty.
It started at a winery, of all places. The young lady helping me had the prettiest mask I had ever seen. It looked like silver silk batik with ribbons instead of elastic ties. “Oh, they’re just over in Poblacion,” she offered helpfully. ...
After four hours of celebrity-fronted theatrics, the two-minute slap fight swiftly showed everyone who bought PPV boxing's future, and maybe even more.
I have been alive long enough to have experienced the work of some truly great sports commentators. Scully. Michaels. Costas. Tirico. Davidson. You're not familiar with legendary boxing analyst Pete Davidson? Well, shit. Let me refer you to his work during this past Saturday's ...
The brand released five new versions of the folding 714SM style.
"The King of Cool." I mean, just imagine that being your nickname. By which I guess I mean just imagine being Steve McQueen, because that was indeed his nickname. And it still holds up. Sure, the definition of what's cool and uncool—both on-screen and ...
The marque releases a piece purpose-built for the Japanese 'nomunication' cocktail hour
'Cocktail watch' is yet another term bandied around with no clear explanation or illumination as to what it actually is (like dress watch, and the even vaguer 'sports' watch). So we'll tell you. A cocktail watch is usually delicate, and almost always feminine ...
Day in and day out, you'll have a hard time finding a reason not to reach for them.
At the ripe age of 31, I never thought I'd be looking for a walking shoe. And yet, as the pandemic snatched away the only resemblance of a fitness routine I had (living and commuting in New York City), the post-work walk was ...
Lino Brocka, the maestro of Philippine cinema, championed justice and freedom.
There is little doubt that Lino Brocka is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Filipino director of his age, or any age. To this day, his films Bayan Ko: Kapit sa Patalim, Ora Pro Nobis, Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag, and others ...
Podcaster Dan Pashman asked himself, 'What's the pasta shape that I would most want to eat that doesn't exist?' The answer was cascatelli.
I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Spaghetti sucks,” podcast host Dan Pashman told his audience at New York’s Caveat Theater back in 2018. “The Lady and the Tramp did a great disservice to American culinary history by romanticizing spaghetti. You know, ...
The football star-slash-style icon gets behind the wheel in Miami, while Saint Laurent rides shotgun. It's a look you should copy all summer.
How did you spend your quarantine? Doesn't matter – David Beckham spent it better than you. Not content with launching his own Major League Soccer team, Inter Miami, just as the first lockdowns landed, the football star-turned-style maven also teamed up with ...
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