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It was thought to have been destroyed after filming.
Marilyn Monroe’s long-lost nude scene from The Misfits has been discovered after 57 years.It was thought that the footage, which would have made Monroe one of the first major Hollywood actresses to go nude on film in the sound era, was destroyed after being ...
It's smaller than a 5-peso coin.
A group of researchers recently discovered a new species of helmet orchids in Palawan. The species' scientific name is Corybas circinatus, from the Latin word circino or "to make round", referencing the way the petals coil around the flower in a circular fashion. ...
This is how gyms will look under the new normal.
Fitness is among the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, with gyms remaining closed even during the general community quarantine.Still, that hasn't stopped local operators like Evolution Wellness Philippines (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness) from crafting a business plan more suited to the new ...
This towel has come a pretty long way
Of all the creative face mask designs people have come up with since this pandemic started, this one has to be our favorite. Yes, this is a Good Morning towel face mask—the humble piece of cloth has gone from wicking sweat off ...
The legendary director behind St. Elmo's Fire and Batman & Robin died at the age of 80.
Director Joel Schumacher's life could be described with any number of words, but boring is not one of them. On Monday, the prolific director behind St. Elmo's Fire, Batman & Robin, and The Lost Boys died at the age of 80.In the early '80s, Schumacher made ...
Conde Nast Traveler found one of the island's most secluded beaches.
When it comes to tourism-related superlatives (e.g. "World's Best Islands" or "World's Most Beautiful Islands"), you can count on Palawan to be a staple on any list. And it's achieved that again with Conde Nast Traveler's list of the "30 Best Beaches ...
Our heart stopped.
There’s a saying in the horology world that goes, “The first scratch is the deepest.” It’s not a literal slogan, but rather, it talks about the emotional turmoil that comes with seeing the first hint of imperfection on a newly purchased watched. After all, it’s ...
A new study says young men need to get a grip.
Have you noticed that the young interns in your office have weak handshakes? Don't take it personally—their entire generation may just be physically weaker. The Washington Post reports that a new study shows that millennials, and especially millennial men, scored lower than their parents' ...
Did you faint?
If you thought Apple products were pricey, then get a load of this custom iPhone 11. It costs an eye-watering $7,680. In local currency, that’s more than P385,000. Let that sink in.This thing is called the Caviar Cyberphone. Caviar says the design ...
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