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The flight attendants at SkyUp Airlines were apparently over the moon after seeing the new design.
Ukranian charter SkyUp Airlines announced their new uniform design on July 27, and the photos quickly went viral online.What specifically caught netizens' attention was the uniform's inclusion of trousers and sneakers. Its comfortable, modern look served a stark contrast from the usual FA ...
The Birdman got Margielyn Didal's joke. An interviewer did not.
Tony Hawk shared a humorous experience in an interview where he was asked about Filipina skateboarder Margielyn Didal's viral post. Didal's post has long been circulating the internet, even reaching international sports news sites.But, clearly, not everyone understood the joke behind her obviously ...
Here's why.
It’s a familiar sight on Olympic podiums, winning athletes biting their medals with triumphant grins plastered on their faces, while the world watches on, the act already routine to them. Though most viewers won’t question it anymore the way no one would ...
The film based on Richard Williams' memoir about raising the Williams sisters is due out on HBO Max in November.
Will Smith appears to be angling for an Oscar, and if his performance in the upcoming King Richard is half as good as the story of Richard Williams (and as good as it looks in the first trailer), he may just well nab it. ...
Add a touch of sophistication to the living room with a beautiful book.
What does your coffee table say about you? If it says, “I’m worthless at building IKEA furniture,” or, “I never remember to use a coaster,” you’re in trouble, and we can help. A cultured guy’s coffee table should be an expression of his interests, ...
"My insecurities have always been about my weight."
If you follow Lauren Reid on Instagram, you’ll know she’s a total beach babe. The island-loving Fil-Aussie may have left the land of showbiz a few years back, but has since turned into an entrepreneur with two blooming businesses.When she's not in ...
Who has the most number of children?
"The more, the merrier," the catchphrase goes. This seems to be the case for some Filipino celebrity dads who went on to have supersized families. Here, we list down celebrity dads with the most number of kids.Number of Children: 102The late Filipino basketball player ...
With classics from every decade including Heat, Layer Cake, and The Town.
You know how it goes. The mastermind emerges from the underground, schemes an entertainingly complex and clever scheme, finds his—almost always his—expert hired hands to carry out said entertainingly complex and clever scheme, lays it all out for them and for us. ...
Here's everything you need to know about this luxury private resort.
As far as dream destinations go, Amanpulo takes the cake for living up to its title—a dream both in scenery, and for the many who’ve heard of it on entertainment news headlines but have never actually gone. In case you missed the memo, ...
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