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Tatay Digong, Mama Leni, Apo Ferdie, Tita Cory, and the list goes on and on.
If the pink movement succeeds, Mama Leni will replace Tatay Digong in Malacanang, proving that for Filipino voters, their leader should be close like family, with a life story that plays out like a teleserye.Past presidents include Apo Ferdie, Tita Cory and Erap, ...
Here's what's next for Lyka.
Lyka, which combines e-commerce and social media, said it would set up an office in the Philippines and register as an OPS or operator of payment system, adding it was closely working with regulators.The app that was made popular by influencers and ...
The brand that brought Swiss timepieces to the masses pays homage to its early days.
Hard as it may be to believe considering its absolutely enormous impact on the watch world, Swatch hasn't even celebrated its 4oth birthday yet. The company was founded in 1983, embracing the quartz movements that were, at the time, fomenting a full-blown crisis ...
If you're into audio tech, the October 2021 announcements will give your day an adrenaline boost.
Good Monday to you. To those of you, including one of us, nursing hangovers from an up-tempo Sunday night, we wish we could wish you an uneventful Monday. But Apple will not allow it. Today marks Apple's "Unleashed" Event, the October sequel to the big ...
Pacman for President takes a stand on the Marcoses.
Senator Manny Pacquiao late on Friday gave out cash and food aid to supporters as he took a stand on the ill-gotten wealth of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos' family—they should return the money to the Filipino people.At a rally in Batangas ...
The GOATs. Period.
The label GOAT is a distinction that has lost some of its luster over the past couple of years. It gets thrown around way too flippantly. But in the case of Michael Jordan, the acronym for "greatest of all time" continues to shine ...
They're also a great investment.
Fifty collectible chairs and other pieces of fine furniture from purveyor Mr. Chair are part of the lots up for sale at Leon Gallery's quarterly online auction this weekend.“A vintage collectible piece for your home is an investment piece that increases in ...
See photos of the site's proposed restoration and renewal.
The Diplomat Hotel in Baguio has long been the stuff of horror stories and urban legends. If you're familiar with its history, then you know that it started as a vacation house for Dominican clergy in the early 1900s, with its plans drawn up by ...
No shade to Goldfinger, but 007 himself seems to have the midas touch when it comes to resale value.
Of course, Auric Goldfinger in the 1964 aptly-titled Goldfinger is the guy with the Midas touch. But in reality, we should probably look to Bond himself as the one who turns anything he touches to gold. Car insurance company Hagerty has analyzed the values of actual ...
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