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According to Bloomberg's COVID Resilience Ranking.
Bloomberg ranked the Philippines 32nd out of 53 countries in its Resilience Index that measures how good or bad they are doing in the fight against COVID-19.The Philippines got a resilience score of 51.9 in February, one spot lower than Romania and a spot higher than Spain.The score is calculated monthly on ...
If that doesn't interest you: Owen Wilson plays a guy tasked with regulating the multiverse.
Remember the early days of the MCU, when Tom Hiddleston's Loki was everyone's favorite character? The God of Mischief, who first showed up in 2011's Thor, was ahead of his time. Charismatic, complicated, and cool as hell, the trickster embodies the sort of ...
Law enforcers refuse to be pitted against each other.
Two teams of undercover law enforcers looking to entrap drug suspects ended up shooting at each other on a busy Quezon City highway late Wednesday, leaving their bosses scrambling for answers and appealing for time to find out what went wrong.Gen. Debold Sinas, the Philippine National Police chief ...
MP: master plan or Manny Pacquiao?
Senator Manny Pacquiao refused to say for certain whether he would run for President in 2022, and instead proposed "MP" to solve the country's many woes. The Philippines needs a "master plan," he said.Of course, MP is also Pacquiao's boxing initials that is emblazoned on sports ...
Guardianship scams are ransacking the wealth and autonomy of countless elders.
If you love someone in eldercare, Netflix’s I Care A Lot, a slick thriller about guardianship fraud, is the stuff of recurring nightmares. “It’s just a story,” you might tell yourself when you jacknife awake in a cold sweat at 3:00 a.m., wrenched ...
Here is everything you should know about the mother and author at the center of the new HBO documentary.
For nearly 30 years, the story surrounding the sexual assault of Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, has dipped in and out of America’s collective cultural conciousness. It tends to resurface in bits and pieces whenever someone ...
Public service requires humility.
Mayor Vico Sotto trends on Twitter after appearing in the latest YouTube vlog of actress-host Alex Gonzaga.The concept was "A Day With Mayor Vico," which featured a tour around the city hall with him.And one thing the actress-host noticed: There was not a single framed photo of ...
She might announce her decision in September.
Vice President Leni Robredo said Saturday a presidential run in 2022 was "possible" and that she could decide in September at the earliest.The leader of the opposition said running for president was her "default" position, given the prodding of her supporters. However, she ...
Let's all be thankful that James Cameron changed his mind.
We all know the ending of Titanic: 100-year-old Rose half-chuckles as she throws the priceless diamond off the edge of the ship. It's meaningful and perfect to some, and extremely, maddeningly frustrating to others. I mean, come on. This entire salvage expedition hinged on ...
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