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Lagrima This neighborhood taco shop was dreamt up by communications professional Mano Lotho who craved a taste of the authentic tacos he grew up eating in California. Stumbling into La Lucha Taqueria in Cebu proved to be serendipitous—the stall was run by a Mexican migrant ...
Lo de Alberto at City Golf is just getting better.
When a restaurant claims to be the only authentic taqueria in the Philippines, it’s sure to create a buzz. And buzz people did, so only a year after it opened, Lo de Alberto has now expanded to a bigger and better (read: airconditioned) space—but ...
La Chinesca is a compelling reason to brave Southbound traffic.
Chef Bruce Ricketts may have risen the ranks from unassuming talent to culinary prodigy through his quaint Japanese degustacion, Sensei Sushi, and then through his subsequent forays into modern Asian cuisine, but his first love is and will always be Mexican food. Whether ...
What's the point of healthy eating if you can't take all your favorite foods and fold them into a tortilla?
If you’ve paid any attention to the onslaught of weight loss resolutions pouring in, you’d know that detoxing by tacos is a thing now. Delish magazine has heralded the arrival of the taco cleanse, in which nothing rivals the dual pleasure of tearing into ...
Taco Vengo knows what it takes to dance the taco: fusing traditional Mexican flavors with Asian cuisines.
What makes a really good taco? Is it the type of meat or the quality of the tortilla? Should it have a soft or a hard shell? Should it conform to authentic Mexican standards, or does it matter at all? As the ...
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