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Say "Yippee!" to the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition watch
Tag Heuer has announced a new partnership. Following on from successful collaborations with Manchester United, Porsche, and golfer Tommy Fleetwood, the new stablemate is no less iconic – it’s Mario, the rotund Italian plumber who lives in Mushroom Kingdom, star of at ...
The Monaco Grand Prix is back on. There's a watch to mark the occasion.
One of the long-held goals at Tag Heuer, the Swiss luxury watch brand, is measuring speed accurately, in ever greater detail.In the Fifties, it was known for producing dashboard speedometers. By the Sixties, it was producing motorsport-related watches, the Autavia (its name ...
Start your engines. The Swiss powerhouse has given its classic racer a new go-go-go look.
Tag Heuer has announced a green version of its celebrated Monaco watch. The color, associated with vintage cars and motor racing, is apt.It is being released to mark the brand’s position as official sponsor and timekeeper of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, the ...
What took them so long?
Tag Heuer has announced a new partnership with Porsche. The links between luxury wristwatches and luxury cars are well-established, so it's somewhat surprising that a deal like this didn't already exist. Well, it does now.Given the aspirational appeal and popularity of both these ...
A new Tag Heuer x Bamford Watch Department collab.
Tag Heuer, the luxury Swiss watch brand, has announced a collaboration with Bamford Watch Department, the British watch customizers.The watch, a new Aquaracer, is limited to a run of 1,500 and features a matt titanium case with a black dial and punchy ...
Come December, bidding begins on two iconic watch styles from two equally iconic Hollywood legends.
Forget separating the artist from his art. For a certain type of collector, it's all about separating the artist from Diehard watch enthusiasts are as enthralled with proximity to celebrity as the rest of us. An association with a big-name star ...
The storied marque releases three new Monaco models.
One of Tag Heuer's most famous watches was, actually, out of circulation for around 20 years. You couldn't even buy a brand new one. But ever since the 1998 reintroduction of the Monaco—a watch synonymous with the late (and still reigning) king of all ...
An early motorsport chronograph rides again.
When Guy Bove, product director at Tag Heuer, came to mark the brand’s 160th anniversary with special editions of its Carrera watch, he wanted to achieve a couple of things. “We’ve got two different messages,” he says. “First of all, a wake-up call ...
The 'Indy 500' edition of the brand's Formula 1 timepiece debuts this week.
Tag Heuer has been making watches for 160 years, and busily splitting seconds into ever smaller fractions for almost the entire time. But that move gained momentum at the dawn of the automotive age, when the chronograph evolved into a vital wrist ...
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