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For Spanish-style small bites and booze, these are the best of the best.
We've all heard of the Spaniards' unique dining habits. While the rest of the world have tucked the little ones into bed and the grown-ups are either settling into their couches for a Narcos marathon or about to step out for a ...
Shanghai's beloved tapas bar is making its much-anticipated Philippine entrance.
We expect this Christmas to be filled with wine and tapas. Tomatito is scheduled to open to the public tomorrow, December 19. The long-awaited launch of the "sexy tapas bar" from Shanghai introduces a new kind of bar experience for Filipinos who enjoy Spanish bites. "It's ...
Raising the bar for bar snacks
The idea of tapas has grown exponentially since the days when bars in Spain would give away bite-sized snacks with glasses of vino. More often than not, these tapas would consist of un-wanted fish remains, donated free to said bars by local ...
The social nature of the pintxo is perfectly captured at the casual and low-key Bar Pintxos
Miguel Vecin and Martin “Tinchu” Gonazalez just wanted to put up a neighborhood meeting place where people could come in shorts and watch a basketball or futbol game. They took over a floundering coffee shop located at the back of an office ...
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