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Based on Instagram posts.
Few things are as personal and as intimate as getting a tattoo. To have symbols or words permanently etched into your skin takes a certain level of comfort and commitment, and clearly, whatever that is holds significant meaning, enough to carry it ...
Let’s give the guy a break.
Most Filipinos who spend any significant amount of time on social media must have heard of Nas Daily, and if they haven’t before, they've surely heard his name over the past couple of days. To summarize: The social media superstar is in ...
The best of both worlds.
Tattoo shops and tattoo artists across Manila, Cavite, and Batangas are stepping up and doing their part for the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption. For a free tattoo of your choice, you can donate food, clothes, hygiene products, and water to ...
Tattoo removal: A lesson about paying for your mistakes.
It takes bigger balls to get a tattoo removed than having your skin relentlessly punctured by a needle for a good three hours to get inked. Not only does laser tattoo removal cost thrice as much as, it’s also twice as painful ...
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