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Easy money.
That headline might seem like spam, or worse, a YouTube title, but it’s actually the law.The taxable income of social media “influencers” has been all over the news lately after the Bureau of Internal Revenue issued a circular meant to remind influencers ...
Taxumo is also lowering its subscription packages for regular taxpayers.
UPDATE: On Thursday, March 19, The Department of Finance and the Bureau of Internal Revenue announced the extension of the deadline for the filing of income tax returns to May 15, 2020. Still, it's a good idea to check out this tax app.Despite ...
Because it's time to pay our taxes.
April not only heralds the arrival of the summer season. For accountants, in particular, it’s also the start of yet another tax season. The 15th of April is the annual deadline for the filing of internal tax revenue (ITR), simply known as ...
Having trouble keeping track?
Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs would know—tax payments can suck the fun out of the career you’re building. Aside from living with the possibility that our taxes just go to corrupt officials, the whole process of tax payments itself is a pain. What ...
Medicine for "high blood" will no longer have VAT.
A new year brings with it new changes, and Filipinos can already expect two big ones for popular consumer products, thanks to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN law. Though the law was passed back in 2017, there are ...
The tax amnesty bill was ratified on December 13.
It seems most businesses and professionals are set to have a truly merry Christmas. Individuals, corporations and other organizations with pending tax payments may soon be able to settle their obligations at a reduced rate after the Senate ratified the bicameral report on ...
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