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There’s a crystal-themed park in Austria and we’ve been missing out.
A hulking giant with large crystal eyes guards the glittering assemblage it hides beneath its verdant walls. It spews out a waterfall into a large lake that greets its visitors who dare (and why should they not?) venture inside its famed premises. ...
Ahead of Sotheby’s contemporary art auctions in Hong Kong, Boris Cornelissen and Shea Lam talk to T&C about what makes this dynamic market so appealing.
In case you haven’t noticed, the contemporary art market is booming, and one can even posit that it's at the highest it’s ever been. Then again, it’s quite hard to miss, with post-war art breaking record after record at auction, taking prices ...
And no, it doesn’t include wasabi in your soy sauce.
It's been three decades since Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa began his restaurant and hotel company that now spans five continents, with over 56 restaurants and 12 hotels and counting.When it comes to Japanese cuisine with Peruvian influences, chef “Nobu,” as he is widely ...
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