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Mother of all meatballs.
When the mother of all Ikea stores opened in the Philippines, it gave us biggest selection of Scandinavian furniture around the world. And Filipinos have been crazy about this whole Ikeafication movement ever since. It's not clout chasing. It's a lifestyle. Yes, this ...
Cinema is not my passion. It’s my purpose.
When people hear the word “cinephile,” the first thing that comes to mind is usually someone who rambles endlessly about obscure film references from a time long gone like the ‘40s. A pretentious snob who talks about watching films (yes, “films,” never ...
In a decision dated September 21st.
As polarization in the Philippines continues, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the National People's Army (NPA) have often been cited as "terrorist groups" by virtue of the government's crusade against terrorism. A recent ruling by a Manila Regional Trial ...
This makes it all the more important for users to be vigilant.
As the primary search engine for Gen Zers, TikTok isn't exactly the most accurate platform when it comes to news and information. This has been validated by US-based site NewsGuard. The site, which is ran by journalists, says that a whopping 20 ...
During his world debut at the United Nations General Assembly.
Speaking for the first time at the United Nations General Assembly, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. detailed some of his short-term and long-term plans for the Philippines in a 20-minute speech before the council.“With steady investment in food [security], public health, education, ...
It's likely going to push its release date back to the end of the decade.
On Monday, we saw what would soon be confirmed as unofficial leaks for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. It's said to be one of the largest leaks ever in video game history. Rockstar Games, for what it's worth, released a ...
The Marcoses have a standing contempt order that stems from a lawsuit for human rights violations during Marcos Sr.'s rule.
This week, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., together with his economic team, will be meeting with world leaders and businessmen during his first U.S. visit as the country's head of state. He is set to speak before the 77th United Nations General Assembly ...
With nearly 14,000 performances, it's the longest-running musical in Broadway history.
For the longest time, The Phantom of the Opera has withstood some of the great changes and transitions of its time. But the pandemic, unfortunately, has caught up to it. The longest-running musical in Broadway history is bidding farewell to London's West ...
He is not exactly out of the Marcos administration.
According to Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. has accepted the resignation of Atty. Vic Rodriguez as the administration's executive secretary.This is confirmed by Rodriguez, as well. In a Facebook post, Rodriguez thanked the president for extending the privilege ...
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