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The majority of Leni Robredo's campaign funds were from relatively small donations.
Big donors who gave P10 million to P20 million accounted for only 19% of Vice President Leni Robredo’s campaign funds for the May 2022 presidential elections. The rest came from a long list of relatively small donors.The list of donations to former ...
Part 3 of The 100 Most Powerful People in the Philippines List.
Power isn’t always obvious, but often you can sense its presence. It’s in how the dynamics of a room changes when a VIP walks in. It’s what causes goosebumps when someone is delivering an impassioned speech. And it’s how we calibrate our ...
The U.S. Coast Guard and Philippine Coast Guard are stepping up cooperation on several fronts.
As part of ongoing U.S.-Philippine cooperation to enhance the Philippines’ maritime law enforcement capabilities, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) facilitated the first Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-led Small Boat Operations course from September 5 to 16 in Manila.The training is meant to improve ...
Enrile played a key role in implementing Martial Law during the 1970s.
Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Juan Ponce Enrile wants to bring back “imminent danger” as a ground for declaring martial law. The 1987 Constitution puts limits to the cicrumstances in which the President may declare martial law. The President may declare martial law ...
Here, there's only darkness.
The Langun-Gobingob Cave is the largest cave complex in the country. Once known as the Calbiga Cave, it spans seven kilometers and features 12 chambers, some so big that small skyscrapers can fit inside.Robbed of sight, I focus on the pitter-patter of ...
Bamboo the English bulldog was taken from his home.
Mohan Gumatay, aka DJ Mo Twister, has lost a precious member of his family.Bamboo, the English bulldog that has been part of DJ Mo Twister’s family for more than 10 years, was taken from the family’s front yard in the U.S. The ...
The Supreme Court has dismissed her appeal accusing ABS-CBN of illegally suspending and terminating her.
The Supreme Court Third Division, through a decision penned by Associate Justice Rodil Zalameda, has junked the appeal of newscaster Mel Tiangco’s illegal dismissal and illegal suspension case against ABS-CBN over her appearance in a TV commercial in 1995. The ruling was dated December ...
Filipino adventurer Gregg Yan traveled to Africa’s Rift Valley where the Maasai welcomed him as their own.
The dusty village of Malula in Arusha is usually a sleepy place. Its mud huts ring an old goat corral packed with aromatic little green cannonballs. Village traffic typically takes the form of a donkey train.But today, it will see an ancient ...
Here are 8 warning signs of a sociopath at work.
It’s hard to deal with bad bosses, incompetent bosses, and lazy bosses, but dealing with a sociopathic boss is on a different level of misfortune. In many cases, sociopaths are not unintelligent. In fact, they use their wit, cunning, and shrewdness to oppress ...
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