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These recyclers are fighting the war on plastic waste.
Plastic has become such a leading pollutant that scientists have proposed to name this geologic era the Anthropocene, an epoch completely dominated by humans marked on the fossil record not by fossilized bones, but by plastic.Garbage seems to be an insurmountable challenge ...
What exactly is ASEAN's stand on the South China Sea?
It was Christmas Day, but instead of celebrating with their families back home, a group of fishermen from Barangay Cato in the Philippine coastal town of Infanta in Pangasinan sailed to Scarborough Shoal, a rich fishing ground off the coast of neighboring ...
"The respondent is very popular especially on social media."
The Commission on Elections has denied a petition to declare Francis Leo Marcos as a nuisance candidate. Marcos, considered an "influencer," made headlines in October when he filed his candidacy for senator. Many accused him of being a nuisance candidate because he bears the same ...
Patricia Evangelista's words are just as chilling in the local tongue.
On December 11, 2021, Rappler journalist Patricia Evangelista delivered a short but haunting speech during the Nobel Torchlight procession. Esquire Philippines' features editor Mario Alvaro Limos translated her piece into Filipino, and her words remain just as chilling. Below is the full text ...
The Iloilo River was rescued from the brink of being biologically dead a decade ago.
The Iloilo River, which was on the brink of being “biologically dead” a decade ago, is again teeming with marine life and biodiversity. Two tributary creeks – Dungon Creek and Calajunan Creek – threaten the health of the rest of the waterway, ...
Horizon Manila is a 419-hectare masterplan in Manila Bay.
Horizon Manila by WTA Architecture and Design Studio is the overall winner of the 2021 WAFX Award at the 2021 World Architecture Festival after first winning the WAFX Water Category.The WAFX Award herald's the world's most forward-looking architectural concepts, and is awarded ...
Isko led the presidential aspirants with P305.9 million spent. 
Alan Peter Cayetano, who initially aspired for the presidency, was the top ad spender from January to September 2021. But this was overshadowed by the combined ads of Senate aspirant Mark Villar and members of his family. Aspirants in the 2022 Philippine elections ...
Shock and disbelief overwhelmed me, and then guilt. 
It was two in the morning when I saw his green little dot on Messenger. “Hey, how are you?” I asked.Aaron just turned 19. He is the youngest in the family, and he lives in the province with the parents. This year, he ...
The growth is driven by e-commerce and food delivery services.
Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company released the sixth edition of the e-Conomy Southeast Asia (SEA) Report - Roaring 20’s: The SEA Digital Decade.  The report provides a ten-year outlook for the first time, highlighting how the region is on the path to ...
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