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The tycoon's son is currently in the middle of an investigation.
The death of Bree Jonson, a 30-year-old artist, has cast the spotlight on Julian Ongpin—and by extension his father Roberto "Bobby" Ongpin. We've explored who the younger Ongpin is. But, who exactly is his father Roberto Ongpin?Here's what you need to know about ...
From damning allegations to messy exposés.
Navigating fame and love can be fun, but as several celebrities prove, it can also be a recipe for disaster. We're talking, of course, about celebrity relationships and breakups that have been surrounded by claims of infidelity through the years.From damning allegations ...
There's no such thing as too much information for these stars.
Celebrities get asked the darndest things in interviews and, sometimes, this results in the darndest responses—with sex being one of them. Yup, from time to time, famous people let slip even the most intimate details of their lives. With social media, oversharing ...
Get to know the wife of Udenna Corporation founder Dennis Uy.
While Udenna Corporation founder Dennis Uy has dominated business headlines in recent years, his wife Che Uy has become a fixture in society pages and lifestyle magazine covers. But, what exactly is it about the socialite that's gotten the attention of many?Here's what ...
And, in some cases, by the general public too.
The world can be cruel. No, scratch that. People can be cruel—especially to young women in the glaring spotlight of showbusiness. While the general public plays a huge part in all of this, the media takes it a step further and turns everything into ...
From Erap Estrada to Xander Ford.
As much as we'd all like to think that famous people are perfect, they aren't. They make mistakes like you and I—mistakes that at times has landed them in the big house. If you think back to the most iconic mug shots, ...
From the bad to the downright insensitive, here are the magazine covers that made us all do a double take.
A magazine cover is supposed to pique interest and incite opinion. But, sometimes, the concepts do get a little out of hand so much so that it makes one ask: 'What were they thinking?' Through the years, a number of Filipino magazine covers have gone beyond ...
Or, at least on your radar.
If you clicked on this, chances are, you already follow the likes of Heart Evangelista, Georgina Wilson, or Tim Yap. Because no matter how many times anti-rich Twitter says "eat the rich," you can't deny that a lot of Filipinos still have a weird ...
Here are stars who have admitted to getting something done.
In showbusiness, plastic surgery and injectables are practically a way of life. That's especially true in the Philippines where the likes of Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Aivee Teo are (almost) household names. That said, talking about getting something invasive done is another ...
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