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Aswang sa Aklatan is a digital initiative to preserve books censors fear most.
There is a scene in Fahrenheit 451 in which a woman chooses to burn herself alive rather than live in a world without books. In the dystopian novel, firemen start fires instead of putting them out. And their victims? Texts and literature deemed ...
Reporters banned in campaign events, candidates refuse to attend debates, a spate of DDoS attacks crash news websites.
The campaign period, which began on February 8, saw the banning of reporters in campaign events, refusal by candidates to attend media-hosted debates, a spate of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on news websites, and online hostility against news organizations and reporters.The ...
The U.S. decided to flex its own muscle to remind China to behave.
Days after Chinese warships chased an unarmed Flipino boat ferrying journalists at the West Philippine Sea, the U.S. decided to post a photo of its own destroyer following a Chinese carrier.On April 11, U.S. Navy commanders posted a photo of the Liaoning, a Chinese ...
Grande Island and Chiquita Island protect the entrance to Subic Bay. 
Grande Island and Chiquita Island in Subic Bay are allegedly being peddled to China. They bear immense strategic importance because they serve as the “guard posts” at the entrance of the bay, just like how Corregidor Island protects the whole Manila Bay. On ...
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