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Many of us didn’t wake up because of the earthquake alone, but because of the Android earthquake alert service made by Google.
If you’re like us, you woke up sometime before 5 a.m., just minutes before a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Calatagan, Batangas. The earthquake could be felt throughout Batangas, Cavite, Metro Manila, and beyond. And as always, Filipinos turned to the tried and ...
That'll come in useful.
Instagram your way? Coming right up. Get ready: the app is launching Sensitive Content Control which lets you tailor how much sensitive content you want to see on your account. It's the next step in Instagram's updates lately, namely the ability to turn ...
Happy World Emoji Day.
Adobe has released the latest edition of The Global Emoji Trend Report to coincide with World Emoji Day. The report surveyed 7,000 people in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and South Korea to reveal the most popular emojis right now and more interesting ...
And everything you need to know about Blue Origin's maiden human flight.
Richard Branson beat Jeff Bezos to be the first billionaire in space aboard the Virgin Galactic Unity 11 spacecraft, but Bezos is gearing up to be the second billionaire in space as of this moment.The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin is ...
No need to soundproof your room for remote work.
In this pandemic, we all know the pain of trying to talk over the sound of random household noises like dogs barking or children crying. It isn’t exactly easy to hear our colleagues over the honking of cars outside either. And who ...
According to study.
Zyro, a website building tool, has revealed the top sites that the world spends the most time on. By studying data, Zyro recorded the number of monthly visits and average visit duration. to figure out just how much time people spend doing whatever it ...
Aboard ‘Lucy’... in the sky, with diamonds.
Some time in the distant future, humanity might be a multi-planet colony with an advanced galactic fleet. And when that day comes, perhaps they’ll come across the nostalgic time capsule NASA is planning to fly to Jupiter. In that time capsule, the ...
He just finished his bachelor’s degree in Quantum Physics in 18 months.
Eleven-year-old Laurent Simons just earned his bachelor’s degree in Quantum Physics. He finished that in 18 months and is the world’s youngest graduate for the course. Now, the young genius, nicknamed “Little Einstein,” wants to unlock the secret to immortality. Simons is based ...
One step closer to immortal soldiers?
U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the organization that administers America’s Spec Ops forces, says it will soon start clinical trials of an “anti-aging pill” that could halt some naturally degenerative effects of aging.“We have completed pre-clinical safety and dosing studies in anticipation ...
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