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BRB, moving.
Did this page take 10 seconds to load? You’re not the only one frustrated with the stone age internet speed in the Philippines. But in some parts of the world, the concept of “loading” and “buffering” doesn’t exist because they boast the ...
Netflix expands its library of game adaptations with Arcane.
Netflix and Riot Games are bringing the League of Legends franchise to television with Arcane. The animated show, which is set in League of Legends Influence Point or IP, will premiere in fall 2021. Featuring the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, its story ...
Netflix is king.
JustWatch, an international streaming guide, has just revealed more details about streaming services in the Philippines. The detailed performance review focuses on the first quarter of 2021 in the country.The findings show that the top three streaming services in the Philippines make up ...
It's up to us.
In case you missed it: Microsoft has officially retired Calibri from being the software's default font.  It's the end of an era. After 14 years, the tech company is giving up the font that has been a part of many's school reports, work documents, and more."A default ...
Plus, alternative tracker brands if the AirTag just isn’t your cup of tea.
Have you ever wished Apple’s Find My app could track stuff other than your electronic devices? Well, Apple has just granted your wish with the AirTag. All you have to do is place this nifty device next to your phone to sync ...
The youth should be in the frontlines to fight fake news.
Filipino youth need to be more discerning and more responsible in using technology. This was the main message of the PANAF Youth Creativity Festival (YCF) held April 29 and 30, sponsored by telecoms giant Globe.As a staunch advocate of the fight against fake ...
Here are some of the best social media reactions to MECQ Flex, FMECQ, and more.
It's official: the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) is extended for two weeks in the Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Cavite bubble. The MECQ isn't just the same old thing, however, the government has said that this turn will be more flexible. By that, authorities ...
With prices to match.
Apple's long-standing partnership with French luxury fashion house Hermès is the gift that keeps on giving—if you can afford it, that is. We first got the ultra-cool Apple Watch with Hermès' signature leather straps a few years back and, now, we're getting an ...
Content creators can take advantage of this exclusive webinar.
Creative professionals worldwide will have access to new online courses through the British Council’s Creative Communities Learning Lab. The webinar series for creatives, such as artists, writers, photographers, streamers, vloggers, and gamers, and other content creators, offers self-led learning designed with specific ...
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