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Imagine charging your Apple Watch with ... yourself.
Atiny new gadget could turn your body’s electricity into a battery, meaning pacemakers, drug delivery pumps, and other implantable medical devices could run on a new kind of renewable energy: you.The wearable, which is called a thermoelectric generator (TEG), directly turns your body’s heat into ...
Coming May 15.
After delaying policy changes, WhatsApp is finally implementing its big update that caused a mass exodus of users. The controversy of the privacy policy update revolves around its new data-sharing terms which will help businesses and customer service.WhatsApp, however, clarified that the update won't change ...
Ahead of DITO's commercial launch.
PLDT Inc said Monday it has signed an interconnection deal with third player DITO Telecommunity, which would benefit wireless subscribers.Part of the deal is the construction of a transmission facility that will serve as the point of interconnection for subscribers, PLDT said ...
Ready for commercial launch.
Third telco player DITO Telecommunity Corp passed its first year of technical audit, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) said Monday ahead of the company's commercial launch next month.DITO's coverage reached 37.48% of the population covering 8,860 barangays, the NTC said citing the ...
What was your earliest memory of The Legend of Zelda?
Way before I learned to read or write or press buttons on the console, I already fell in love watching the highly pixelated elf-like character from The Legend of Zelda. As a four-year-old, I was captivated by Link, the game’s hero, played ...
Not all computer mice should look like a mouse.
Ever since the first computer mouse was invented in the 1940s, not much has changed in its design. Originally, the mouse was a rectangular device connected to a cable that links with a computer. The Douglas Engelbart Mouse is considered the original ...
More emojis, more fun.
Much has been said about emojis lately. (Cool emojis and emojis that make you look outdated exist, apparently.) If you think you know all there is to know about emojis, well, guess again because Apple is releasing a new set soon—200 emojis, to be exact.Thankfully, ...
They are researching affordable typhoon-proof bamboo houses.
Base Bahay is a pioneering foundation that provides alternative building technologies for socialized housing. It has recently launched the Base Innovation Center (BIC), the Philippines' first bamboo research and testing facility for sustainable and disaster-resilient construction technologies in the country.BIC houses a Universal Testing ...
And by 'Boomer,' they mean anyone above 35.
We're not sure whether we'd be more offended by the fact that using the laughing-crying emoji makes us old, or that Gen Zs think anyone above 35 is a Boomer. Gen Z has taken to its favorite platform, TikTok, to dethrone the world's ...
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