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Hydrogen and the fuel cells that use it have some cost barriers, but the upside for transportation and powering our homes is huge.
We’ve heard an awful lot of awful news when it comes to the climate crisis. But there are also very smart people working on clever ways for us to dig ourselves out of the hole we’re in. UNAPOCALYPSE is a series from Esquire U.S. ...
The beloved brand is winning hearts again with this killer retro feature phone.
Remember when Nokia phones used to be “immortal,” with their lithium batteries lasting for weeks, indestructible bodies, and those changeable keypads? For a long time, Nokia was the world’s leading phone manufacturer. But everything changed in 2007 when Apple released the iPhone, ...
The brand is known for having high specs with super competitive pricing.
Infinix is set to launch the NOTE 12 PRO 5G in the Philippines this September 25 with very competitive pricing, to be announced on the launch date. With the NOTE 12 PRO 5G, an upgrade to the highly popular NOTE 12, the emerging ...
It's not all about play.
Last August, schools all over the Philippines opened up their gates to welcome students for face-to-face classes after two years of remote learning. According to DepEd spokesperson Michael Wesley Poa, a total of 24,175 schools nationwide will implement five-day face-to-face classes while ...
Science wins.
Two Filipino scientists are recipients of this year’s Golden Goose Award, which recognizes innovative breakthroughs and inventions based on federally funded research. Biochemists Baldomero Oliva and Lourdes Cruz, along with their colleagues Michael McIntosh and the late Craig T. Clark, were honored for ...
We love technology. 
We’ve seen a lot of weird shit out here, but this might be the weirdest…and maybe the best? Introducing the Mutalk, a high-tech muzzle by the startup Shitftall designed to mute your pained screams into the void. The Japanese startup—because of course it’s ...
Did we mention Canva’s new video background remover feature? 
Canva, everyone’s favorite (and free) design platform, is now expanding into websites, documents, data visualization, and more. At Canva Create, the platform’s biggest event to date, founders Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams announced the company’s new ventures, all of which ...
Milk each city’s fast (and free) internet for all its worth.
Now, we know that internet connection has vastly improved in the Philippines in the last few years. Download speeds of 100 Mbps have become more accessible, but even improved internet speeds can’t prevent blind spots and random moments of disconnection.If you’re ready ...
Welcome a new lockscreen.
Apple said it would release iOS 16 for iPhones on Sept. 12, allowing  users of its flagship device to enjoy new features and security updates. Here's what you need to know.The iPhone SE and all iPhones from 8 series or newer. This means ...
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