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There’s hardly anything like it on local TV today.
If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably know about Battle of the Brains. The television quiz show program was the closest the Philippines had to the long-running Jeopardy in the US. The show featured students competing in three levels—grade school, ...
Host Jimmy Kimmel played to a house of empty seats and cardboard cutouts — well, it WAS weird as heck.
It was Regina King, winning her fourth career Emmy on Sunday, who perhaps summed up the proceedings the most succinctly — and accurately: "This is freaking weird."Top Story: How to Spot Fake Rich People, According to the Truly Rich LadyWhy, yes, being handed ...
Here's the story of two of the most beloved characters from our childhood.
If you were a kid in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, you probably grew up watching the television show Batibot. The educational program for children that featured a mix of human and puppet characters became a cultural touchstone for many Filipinos. It’s ...
There's no shortage of Filipino fans of Thai BL series, but are we ready for localized versions of this phenomenon?
Within the last month, the Thai BL (Boys’ Love) series 2gether from broadcaster GMMTV has become a massive hit in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of fans across the region and the world, a great many of them Filipino, are glued to ...
The human army's plan at the Battle of Winterfell was bad. Very bad.
In Season Eight of Game of Thrones, the entirety of this epic fantasy series builds up to a climactic battle between the living and dead. Viewers waited nearly a decade for this battle and book readers had waited 23 years for Jon Snow and ...
Details about the billion-dollar TV adaptation are slowly leaking.
Amazon Prime's Lord of the Rings series is hotly anticipated as much for its extraordinarily extravagant budget as for its return to Middle Earth. Reportedly, it's going to cost a billion dollars. A billion! $1,000,000,000.I'm not being funny, right, but a billion dollars—£746,435,000 in ...
The trailer of the new Netflix series is here.
Fun’s over. The start of the year is the perfect time for scares. After the three-part retelling of Bram Stoker's Dracula (excellent, by the way), Netflix unleashes another creepy series with Locke & Key.The television adaptation of the best-selling graphic novels by Joe Hill and ...
An hour of television resolved a decades-long mystery with a biting illustration of the lasting sickness of racism in America.
There was a recurring sketch on MadTV (yes, MadTV) that I’ve never forgotten. It featured Jordan Peele and Nicole Parker as a pair of happily-married hippies who hosted a public access show about life as a mixed-race couple. The joke was that, somehow unbeknownst to both ...
Did you know there was a Napoleon Dynamite animated series?
Adult cartoons have really been killing it lately. Shows like Rick & Morty, Bob's Burgers, and BoJack Horseman have been giving live-action shows a run for their money. Let's not forget where it all started, however. Look back at some of the animated series that we ...
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