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The highly anticipated movie finally arrives on HBO Go, but is its time-bending concept lost on the small screens of the streaming format?
“There’s a Cold War. Cold as ice,” Victor tells the Protagonist on a boat after the latter wakes up from a medically induced coma intended to fool the world that he’d died. “To even know its true nature is to lose. This ...
Bond likes to showboat, but the low-key players of Christopher Nolan's new film dress for the job at hand.
Drop tailoring into an action blockbuster and it's hard not to draw the James Bond comparisons. He was patient zero of impractical officewear, given that he spends more time shooting henchman en masse than he does filling in the inevitable workplace disciplinary ...
It's the first footage we've seen of the Dunkirk follow-up.
Christopher Nolan doesn't do things like most other filmmakers, whether he's bending Paris in half or forcing Sir Michael Caine, a knight of the realm, to talk about tangerines.Now we've got the first inkling of what he's been preparing for his next film, Tenet, ...
Here's everything we know so far about the international espionage epic.
Christopher Nolan's career has been nothing short of phenomenal. From indie thrillers (Following and Memento, the latter of which started out as an Esquire story) to his reinvention of the superhero genre (his Batman trilogy) to cerebral blockbusters (Inception) and historical epics (Dunkirk)—Nolan has consistently produced films adored by ...
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