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It was a harrowing experience its passengers wouldn’t soon forget.
Few of us are hopping on a flight these days, but even when we were all free to fly anytime, many of us still get anxious. From the moment the plane takes off to the minute it lands, many people can’t shake ...
But will the death penalty be back soon?
Major US companies oppose Trump ban.The backlash against President Donald Trump’s most controversial executive order to date continues as major U.S. corporations have started to announce their opposition to the ban on Muslims and refugees entering the country. Uber was the first corporation ...
Aussi: Félicitations, Miss France!
Terrorist attack on Quebec mosque shocks Canada.During Sunday evening prayers, masked gunmen entered a Quebec City mosque and opened fire on worshippers, killing at least six. Two suspects were arrested, and the area surrounding the mosque was sealed off, but further details on ...
Congrats to Federer.
Duterte course-corrects in war on drugs.In a press conference on Sunday night, January 29, President Duterte announced his decision to disband anti-drugs police units, partly due to the ongoing controversy surrounding the kidnapping and murder of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo. As ...
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