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Terry Crews is a lot of things: an actor, a furniture designer, a flutist. He’s also a sexual assault victim. Now, eight months after taking on his assaulter, he’s leveraging his profile, his money, and his reputation to take on the system in a way he says the average victim cannot. And he's relentless
On a late-summer day in Los Angeles, I plan to meet Terry Crews at the Getty Museum because, in addition to everything else Crews does—which, seriously, is everything—he’s a hugely talented visual artist. I figure we’ll go deep on the photography exhibit. ...
The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star accused former WME executive Adam Venit of sexual harassment last October.
In October 2017, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews revealed he had been the victim of sexual harassment by a then-unnamed Hollywood executive who he alleges "groped [his] privates" at an event in February 2016. The following month, Crews filed a report to the LAPD and ultimately ...
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