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Starring veteran Filipino actress Dolly de Leon.
Save the date. One of the best films of the year is finally coming to Philippine cinemas next month. Triangle of Sadness, the critically acclaimed black comedy from Ruben Östlund, will be shown in Philippine cinemas nationwide starting November 30, 2022, exclusively distributed ...
Sexy and unsettling, in equal measure.
When it comes to adulthood, there are few things more complicated than sex. (Okay, maybe taxes, but those aren't nearly as enjoyable.) Yes, sex is fun, but it's never just fun. It can also be exciting, delicate, primal, and, on some occasions, downright ...
Steven Spielberg, Sam Mendes and Damien Chazelle are all set to release their own celebrations of cinema, but these movies often show up the chasm in taste between industry types and the rest of us
"The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself,” said Peter Jackson. If he’s right, then the next few months will bring honesty into the cinemas like never before, with three Hollywood heavyweights all due to release their ...
A fitting tribute to a departed friend.
This week, Kid Cudi appeared on The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon about his new album-slash-animated-feature Entergalactic, the movie X and the "mommy" edit he made, and, naturally, his Esquire cover. And while a lot of the folks at home were surely more focused on the now-infamous sock photo—you know ...
The "Moonwatch" no longer.
Omega's "Moonwatch"—the black and white chronograph otherwise known as the Speedmaster Professional—is one of a handful of watches that may be considered a bona fide design icon.It inspires fanboy devotion, a day named in its honor ('Speedy Tuesdays') and hotly contested debate ...
The DB5 was driven by James Bond in No Time to Die's opening chase sequence.
Christie's The Sixty Years of James Bond: Part I – Live Charity Auction has just wrapped up. The sale, which took place in London on September 28, included props and memorabilia signed by the cast and crew. One very special item was the Aston ...
The iconic blue speedster brings a playful twist to prep icons and street staples.
Over thirty years since he first legged it across our screens, Sonic the Hedgehog's popularity endures. Even that period where he started wearing snoods didn't do too much to harm his reputation, and that's because he's just... endearing. Jack Carlson, founder of ...
The award-winning pastry chef joins Visum Ventures.
We can say that Chef Miko Aspiras has been around the block a couple of times now. And by block we mean the fast-paced, glazed-up world of delectable desserts and unearthly delights. It can be hard to relax in this environment, as sweet ...
The designer, most recently of Bottega Veneta, is replacing Ricardo Tisci, who served as chief creative officer for nearly five years.
If you thought you heard a faint "Aha!" on the breeze early this morning, it wasn't just your imagination. It was the sound of fashion fans, editors, and other industry insiders around the globe reacting to the announcement that Daniel Lee has been ...
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