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The Golden Globe winner dressed up for his virtual acceptance speech.
The Crown’s Josh O’Conner played his role of the unhappily married and sometimes cruel Prince Charles so convincingly that you shook your fists in anger every time he appeared on screen to berate Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana. And the 78th Golden Globes ...
Diana commented that 'It was such a good idea the two ‘C’s but4 it wasn’t that clever.'
Of all the heart-wrenching and fraught moments 19-year-old Diana Spencer had to contend with, surely finding engraved jewelry designed for her fiance’s mistress, just days before her wedding, must have been the most galling.In series four of The Crown, we’re shown Diana (played ...
It comes complete with jewels, corgis, banquets, and etiquette lessons.
While Netflix series The Crown may only loosely be based on real-life events surrounding Queen Elizabeth and senior members of the British royal family, showrunner Peter Morgan and his team have gone to great lengths to ensure that their portrayal of the ...
The Crown actor Tobias Menzies on portraying the 'hot' royal 
Tobias Menzies is looking down from a balcony at a group of breathless young actors racing up the grand staircase over and over again. They’re filming a pivotal, symbolic scene for what is to be “Moondust,” the seventh episode of the third ...
What happened at the Thursday Club and who was his private secretary, Mike Parker?
Prince Philip has been the subject of infidelity rumors throughout his 70-year marriage with the Queen. Past reports include affairs with some high profile personalities, such as actress Pat Kirkwood and Helene Foufounis but none of the scandals ever had any real ...
The Crown's Matt Smith gives hints about Season Two, talks about actress Claire Foy, and sends a message to his Filipino fans.
It’s difficult to imagine anyone other than Matt Smith in Prince Philip’s shoes on the hit Netflix show The Crown. The British actor is, after all, almost a carbon copy of a young Duke of Edinburgh. But Smith isn’t as stern or serious ...
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