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It updates a familiar The Dalmore favorite.
Most Scotch whisky brands have a long and proud history, and The Dalmore is no exception. With a story that dates back to the 13th century, the premium brand owned by Whyte & Mackay (and Emperador Inc) is often considered in a ...
It’s a record price for a bottle of this particular brand of whisky.
There are some pretty hardcore whisky collectors in the world, but whoever bought these two has to rank way up there as the most intense and passionate. Not to mention richest. During a Sotheby’s auction recently, two bottles of the ultra rare The ...
The Dalmore flagship houses some of the rarest collections of its whisky.
The Dalmore, known across the globe as the producer of “liquid gold,” has created exceptional single-malt scotch whiskies in Scotland since the 1800's. Each bottle of whisky has been guarded by the keeper of The Dalmore, master distiller Richard Paterson, whose 50 years ...
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