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Or, rather, how to troll with the homies by Carlos Celdran
This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Esquire Philippines.I’m probably the most hated online personality to date.It started with the super-riveting Philippine elections in 2016, after I coined the word “Dutertard” to describe the “lazy” and “delusional” followers of ...
Thank you, Science.
The internet can be a scary place. You only need to take a look here to find out just how closely your online behaviour can be monitored, along with the risk of password breaches and having to deal with all those fake ...
Why are we even all still here.
We've all had that moment of self-loathing after scrolling through our Facebook feed on a Friday night watching people drinking Champagne on a beach. Or having someone's idiotically misinformed status message seep through our high-security filters.And a study published earlier this month, ...
That's what a dictatorship does to the Internet.
North Korea is an intriguing place when it comes to technology—we get the odd glimpse through a GoPro, their bizarre Netflix equivalent or a Facebook clone, but never really the full picture.That is, until now, proving that nothing stays private from the ...
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