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The Moment Group shares why they've lasted.
Just how long does a moment last? Six years ago, when the local restaurant industry was just starting to boom, entrepreneurs Abba Napa, Eli Antonino, and Jon Syjuco decided to strike while the proverbial iron was hot.Restaurants were having a moment, they observed, ...
Together with The Moment Group, the award-winning chef is cooking up a storm at the recently opened Test Kitchen.
It's technically only the third day of the holiday season, but already dinner parties and reunions are filling up the last page of our calendar. One of the most sought-after events this month? A pop-up by The Moment Group and Aaron Isip. Originally slated ...
Kudos to chef-of-the-moment Bruce Ricketts and The Moment Group!
Bruce Ricketts' modern Japanese playground Mecha Uma has been counted as one of the "six trending restaurants to visit in Australasia and Southeast Asia." The list was published yesterday, November 7, at the World's 50 Best Restaurants website. According to the feature, all six ...
The second branch is long overdue, but worth the wait.
There is probably hardship when you're something other than noodles in a place dedicated to pho. But when PHAT Pho finally opened a second branch in Manila after two years, it seemed to have opened a proverbial door of delicious possibilities. We must've gotten ...
The best part is that The Mess Hall is open to the public.
When we first talked to Abba Napa of The Moment Group, it was 2012 and they had just opened their first restaurant, ‘Cue Modern Barbecue. She told us that Metro Manila was having a “moment.” Diners were becoming foodies and foodies where ...
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