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She starred in the show's gripping fifth episode, "24/7."
A Filipina actress thanked Filipinos for watching the Netflix series The Sandman, where she played the female CEO in the dark adaptation of the DC Comics series.London-based Lourdes Faberes played Kate Fletcher, who went to the diner with her husband Garry to ...
“What power would Hell have if those imprisoned there would not be able to dream of heaven?” – Dream
If you’re anything like us, then your head is likely still in the clouds, or should we say The Dreaming, as The Sandman lives in our heads rent-free. The Netflix show is a magical adaptation that made every fan’s dreams come true. ...
From swapping faces to stirring up nightmares, the King of Dreams is one powerful guy.
This post contains spoilers for Season One of The Sandman.Morpheus is one of the most powerful beings in the universe by the end of The Sandman's debut season on Netflix, and it's all thanks to the King of Dream's ability to rule over our subconscious minds. He's also ...
We guess Death being played by a Black actress is more unbelievable than Dream turning... into an actual cat in the comics.
The Sandman is currently number one on Netflix charts around the world, making dreams come true for Sandman fans who have been waiting 35 years for this adaptation to happen. The show has been praised as “ingenious TV that will inspire an ...
What the hell did we just watch?
Neil Gaiman's acclaimed fantasy series finally received its first live-action adaptation on Netflix, more than 30 years since Sandman's original comic debut. The streaming series about the King of Dreams and his journey throughout our subconscious is one of the most faithful adaptations of a ...
Are you ready to step back into the Dreaming? 
Only two days since we binge-watched The Sandman, and we’re itching to return to the Dreaming. Season one of Netflix’s The Sandman fulfilled everyone’s dreams (and desires) for the beloved comics’ first adaptation. Neil Gaiman, along with show developers David Goyer and ...
It took three decades, but it was worth the wait.
The Sandman’s official screen adaptation has debuted as the top watched show on Netflix in 54 countries around the world. This comes just over 48 hours since its release, which is almost unheard of on Netflix. This is according to Flixpatrol, which ...
Comic fans might know the world by heart, but new viewers might have a hard time keeping up with Dream’s world.
After 30 years of waiting, The Sandman has finally made its way to the screen. Netflix did the impossible by adapting what was once called an “un-adaptable” comic, and they did so with flying colors. The Sandman show, which was co-created by ...
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