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There's definitely a character to our capital.
There’s never a quiet day in Metro Manila, even back in its early years as what we refer to now as Old Manila. There’s a story around every corner and something new happening every day. The city’s seen good times and hard ...
The name "Closet Clown" does kind of give it away.
Any '90s kid who grew up watching Rocko's Modern Life knows that it wasn't just a show for kids. The Nickelodeon series was peppered with PG-13 references—a parent watching this show could chuckle at things flying far over their child's head, while their kid would have ...
Childhood ruined
You watch your weekend cartoons, marvel at the moral at the end of every movie, sing the catchy songs up to adulthood, but many of these shows and films that we once loved hid a lot of racial stereotypes underneath the innocent ...
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