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It’s a TikTok world and we’re just living in it.
Just about five years since it was founded, the short-form video-sharing app TikTok is now the seventh most popular social media network in the world. According to Statista, Tiktok has about 732 million active users as of April 2021, behind Facebook (2.7 ...
His ‘n’ hers dressing was once the scourge of red carpets. Then TikTok came along.
Young social media platforms are like the Wild West. Before all the sponsored hashtags, brand accounts, and the inevitable testimony in front of a senate committee, there is a wonderful period in which the next big app finds its voice. Like when ...
The rapper has released the lyric video for 'Tone Deaf,' seemingly in response to a growing social media movement.
On Friday, Eminem released an animated lyric video for the 2020 single “Tone Deaf," which appears to be a response to a TikTok campaign to cancel the 48-year-old rapper. The video, in typical antagonistic Eminem fashion, features images of disgraced figures like ...
You'd be forgiven for thinking he was born and raised in England.
If you’re still not on TikTok, we salute you. The app is a bottomless pit of content creators that will eat up your time from now till 2025 if you’re not careful. Many are truly cringeworthy, but there is the occasional gem ...
During a year in which social media was a swamp of misinformation and fear, one platform led the way as an ingenious creative outlet and a force for good.
In June of this year, K-pop fans on TikTok claimed the scalp of Donald Trump's Tulsa, Oklahoma rally after inflating attendance numbers by registering for potentially hundreds of thousands of tickets as a prank. TikToks in which users showed themselves registering for the event, ...
Here’s a ranking of the countries where TikTok is most downloaded.
TikTok is no stranger to controversy. The Chinese social media app, which has exploded in popularity in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, has been banned in countries like India and Armenia, and has faced scrutiny from the Trump administration in ...
Millions follow them on social media, but the 20-somethings living together in the 'Clubhouse' say few really have a clue what goes down in a day.
Before they begin a long day of posing for photos and filming TikTok videos, Mariana Morais and Kinsey Wolanski need to exercise—specifically, to shape the backsides that have helped vault them to social-media stardom.“Damn, girl, your ass looks fat today,” Morais tells Wolanski, a compliment ...
Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison publicly supports U.S. President Donald Trump,
The owner of TikTok has chosen Oracle over Microsoft as the American tech partner that could help keep the popular video-sharing app running in the U.S., according to a source familiar with the deal who was not authorized to speak publicly about ...
Like your hair, your inseam could use a trim.
If you ever went to a school that had a strict dress code, you may recall the finger test. Basically, it’s this: If you’re standing up straight with your arms at your sides and your skirt is shorter than where your middle ...
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