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A smart black and yellow chronograph honors the start of the race.
While the rest of us weigh up the options for the incoming 27-degree week—drinks after work? Drinks instead of work?—over in Copenhagen the command car has just lowered the flag inscribed 'DÉPART' and the Grand Start of the 2022 Tour de France ...
The PRX-40-205 gives actual meaning to the 'wear everywhere' watch
For some time, Tissot has proffered really great, really well-made Swiss watches, but just for a bit less. There are a lot of them, too: smartwatches, cycling watches, gym watches, pilot watches, and classic everyday watches. All of that makes Le Locle-based manufacture a ...
Consider Tissot, the Swiss watch brand that makes handsome and capable timepieces.
Dreamers look to Rolexes, Pateks, Vacherons, and all the other luxury watch brands with chewy-sounding names when thinking about a ticker, but on the way to the tippy-top, they should really consider Tissot, the Swiss watch brand that offers premium, capable, and ...
Will it usher in a new era of wearables?
Lockdown has been good for wearable technology.According to The New York Times the global market for wearables – smartwatches, Fitbits, VR headsets – is on course to grow 14.5 percent in 2020, with almost 400 million products sold globally. Of this, the watch category ...
The Heritage Porto Mechanical is the piece your grandpa wanted.
In this modern age, vintage is a far-reaching concept. No longer just the stuff that preceded the Nineties, the Noughties have now been co-opted as 'throwback culture.' Yes, the teens-of-now have taken to ripping off tender years past that still seem so recent. Your ...
‘His and hers’ watches that will stand the test of time.
Shopping shouldn’t be confined by gender categories, and this applies to shopping for luxury watches, too. Whether you’re searching for a timepiece to own or a gift to give this holiday season, there are plenty of options in the market that will satisfy anyone’s ...
Meet our watch of the week at the finish line.
You know those photo finishes? The sort in which two esteemed athletes win a race at the same time, only for it to be decreed by an overzealous timekeeper that there was, actually, just one victor. Tissot is said timekeeper, and the ...
It goes from the every day to the top table.
Tissot has remained at the apex of affordable, well-crafted watchmaking for a very long time, and the Swiss luxury brand’s new Gentleman Automatic collection only cements that well-earned reputation. It's all about simplicity. The line has introduced a central marking in the guise ...
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