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Featuring pillars of the wardrobe like the shirt-jacket, college sweatshirt, and more.
Let's set the scene here: a mansion in the countryside, warm and cozy colors and textures, and a kind of slowness that is relaxing and calming. That's what Tod's transports us all to with its campaign for its latest fall/winter collection.It all ...
Getting lost in yourself while blanketed in sumptuous clothes is always a good idea.
Tod’s opens its fall/ winter 2021 presentation, a short three-and-half-minute film released late last night, by reminding you that it’s about the journey. There are many ways you can read this: how whatever you're experiencing now in the upside-down reality can only ...
Released from a physical catwalk, men's fashion week turns to other ways to present the message.
The pandemic is a blight that touches everything, including the building of dreams through the fantasy of a brand-new wardrobe, but trust the creativity of men to find a way. Knowing that smooshing hundreds of people together in a cramped space is ...
Bold new materials make classic footwear exciting.
A quality of easiness linked to the dolce vita lifestyle of Italy persists at Tod's. Its famous driving shoe, the Gommino, promotes the laziness of slipping footwear on and off with minimal fuss and the magic of traveling to places painted in ...
You don't have to wear sky-high heels to look stylish.
High heels may be sexy, but nothing beats the comfort of flats. From trusty ballet flats and trendy mules to buckled loafers and bejeweled Mary Janes, we’ve rounded up the very best flat shoes that will surely put a spring in your ...
Because swim trunks are only one part of the equation.
Just because you have a pair of swim trunks in your closet doesn't mean you're all set with your beach style. It just means that you can go swimming without breaking any public nudity laws.To really look good when hanging out in ...
Learn more about the Italian company and its famous Gommino loafers.
Tod’s Gommino loafers are a classic fashion staple for men and women.Simple as they may be, the pebbled shoes manage to find that sweet spot between smart and casual. Apart from its famous loafers, there are so many more heritage tales from ...
Tod's latest collection looks an Italian dream come to life.
This season, Tod’s paid to tribute to the Italian lifestyle by taking the country’s nonchalant attitude and applying it onto the collection through bright colors and elegant silhouettes.The house’s runway show perfectly encapsulated the mood through the many sport jackets, double-breasted blazers, ...
These five designers are reinvigorating the revered European fashion houses of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Celine.
Just like the iconic pieces they’ve produced, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Céline have grown more charming with time, successfully rising from humble European roots and assuming their places as revered global powerhouses in fashion. Credit their staying power to the ...
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