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Tom Hiddleston revealed he tried and failed to beat his co-star's workout record.
Marvel fans would all agree that Chris Hemsworth makes a wonderful Thor, but could you imagine another actor in the role? Say, Tom Hiddleston?Hiddleston himself certainly could, as the Loki star revealed while recalling the moment he found out he was cast as the ...
We don't really understand what's going on in this first-person commercial.
In an era where people are constantly being shown ads for every product and service imaginable, advertisers have to find ways to be original. Sometimes it’s through flash mobs (gross) or sliding an ad between Instagram posts (annoying), and then sometimes companies film a ...
With a little help from the folks at Gucci. And the swankiest puppers we ever did see.
Given the hot streak that Gucci is on right now, it could probably put Larry the Cable Guy in its latest tailoring ad and it would come off as a stroke of brilliance. Fortunately, though, the venerable Italian brand has chosen a ...
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