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Keep Tom Holland away from his phone!
Tom Holland is notorious for accidentally spoiling Marvel movies. In fact, Marvel’s producers have gone to lengths to keep the excitable Holland in the dark so he wouldn’t accidentally reveal anything about the Avengers movies.ALSO READTom Holland Saved Spider-Man While Drunk During ...
A Leonardo DiCaprio on-screen freak-out is worth a thousand words.
After a brief summer breakup between Sony and Disney left Tom Holland’s Spider-Man future in limbo, the two companies announced Friday that they successfully negotiated a deal to keep the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for one more film. Holland himself seemed pretty ...
Jacob Batalon is actually real-life best friends with Tom Holland.
“Life is aloha.” The three-word sentence describes the life of Jacob Batalon, the Filipino actor who plays Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s BFF. The sentence is also his username on Instagram. Batalon stars alongside Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man. Ned is a nerd ...
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