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More proof: Hotel chain Marriott International will open 25 new hotels in the country in the next five years.
“It’s More Fun in The Philippines” is the Philippines’ tourism slogan. And it seems we can expect more fun in the country’s travel and tourism sector.For this year alone, data from the Department of Tourism (DOT) show that foreign tourist arrivals climbed ...
Bukas Quiapo isn't your ordinary kind of tour.
A lot comes to mind when one thinks of Quiapo—and it isn’t all good. From wholesale goods to less wholesome goods, you can buy pretty much whatever you want at the busy shopping district. This also means though that this downtown district isn’t exactly ...
If this ad doesn’t have you packing your bags, we don’t know what will.
As of late, Philippine tourism ads have been, errrr, rather problematic, from the one titled Sights, which was pulled out due to accusations of plagiarism, to the cheesy Anak ad. Now it looks like we've finally gotten it right—and it's a provincial tourism board ...
The viral video that shows how it's more fun in the Philippines.
The controversial ad by the Department of Tourism (DOT) caused quite a stir, but if there's anything good that came out of it, we think it's this unofficial video that truly justifies the beauty of our country! And would you believe us if ...
The Internet has your back, McCann.
At this point, the whole drama between the Department of Tourism and McCann Worldgroup Philippines has become popcorn entertainment. The former published a very public, very uppercase-lettered breakup statement—which the latter had no clue about until the Internet went wild. Since then, McCann has issued ...
McCann responds.
This article has been updated with McCann Worldgroup Philippines' response.After embarrassing accusations of plagiarism over the latest "Experience the Philippines" campaign, the Department of Tourism has officially cut ties with their agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines.Published on Rappler and written in shouty uppercase letters, ...
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