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The world of mechanical watches and fast (toy) cars collide.
Let’s go back to the good old days of our childhood, a time when there were no worries about catching a killer virus and the biggest problem we had was mandatory afternoon nap time. Top Story: Transwoman Billionaire Wants Clint Bondad to End DramaAfter Lego ...
It retails for P750.
A few days ago, Topgear reported that Tamiya will be selling a special-edition mini 4WD model of our country’s iconic jeepney. Now, the in-demand kit (we’ve already seen a possible case of hoarding) is already available in hobby shops for P750. Thanks to the guys at Mightyblue Hobby Shop, we were able ...
Suddenly, retro is trendy, vintage is the new new, and using secondhand items is cool.
As we continue to be bombarded by bad news every day, we yearn more and more for the unretrievable past. It’s apparent in the songs pop stars sing today, the slew of rebooted movies and TV shows on streaming services, and even ...
If you love any of these cars, here's how to buy them on the cheap. Assembly not included.
If our staff is anything to go by, there is heavy overlap between interest in cars and interest in Lego. Many of us grew up snapping the plastic bricks together, often creating small cars and vehicles of our own design. This never ...
So, for everyone.
Lego looked at the world and apparently saw a lot of unfulfilled adults battling stress and anxiety. Not that it had to look very hard; everyone and their uncle is unfulfilled, stressed, and rightfully anxious. And so it added a new branch ...
The beloved toy retailer continues to do business in the Philippines.
It’s been a heartbreaking week for the Toys “R” Us company.Last week, the company declared it was shutting down stores in the United States and the U.K. to prepare for liquidation. It will, however, continue to do business in the Philippines. The company has ...
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