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Hope to end the pandemic.
President Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday he would open the economy once there is enough stock of COVID-19 vaccines, as he received the first 600,000 doses, courtesy of China's Sinovac.Face-to-face classes, however, will have to wait a little longer, he said.Duterte held back on placing the entire ...
They trialed and were promised the Pfizer jab.
Photographer Jerome Ascano was on the scene to capture the frustrations of Filipino frontliners with the government. Medical frontliners thronged the Philippine General Hospital Friday to protest a COVID-19 vaccine rollout using one made by China's Sinovac, saying they were promised a different ...
The Filipino qualifiers are covered.
The pandemic might still be present, but Filipino athletes are training around the clock to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics while battling worries of catching the COVID-19 virus. But now they have one less thing to worry about: getting—and paying for—the vaccine.Businessman ...
The offer to resign demonstrates humility and accountability.
On a trip to Baguio organized by the Department of Tourism last November, I experienced firsthand how the city took stringent health protocols seriously. A negative antigen test 24 hours before your scheduled arrival, a health check on the city’s outskirts, another one ...
We thought it was just more contagious. Evidence points it is also more deadly.
The announcement that the coronavirus variant sweeping Britain could be more deadly as well as more transmissible has raised fresh concerns about the variant that has spread to dozens of countries.   Initially British experts said that their evidence suggested the new strain circulating in the UK—one ...
Many of us are reaching a breaking point.
Two instances of gross violations of current health protocols dominated social media over the past few days. Both involve relatively well-known personalities, and both were called out by livid netizens because they chose to celebrate their birthdays in public spaces in the ...
Yet another victim of the pandemic.
Interest in chocolates may have spiked here in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia last year in the midst of the pandemic, but business isn’t looking so good for at least one famous brand. Godiva Chocolatier announced that it will close down ...
The pandemic devastated the cruise ship industry, but there are signs the worst may be over.
Jannel Montero was in Sydney, Australia when news about a highly infectious new disease started spreading worldwide. The 27-year-old was working as a staff member of Dream Cruises, a cruise line owned by Genting Hong Kong. Things still seemed to be relatively ...
There are over 150,000 Filipino nurses in the U.S., all of whom brave the pandemic every day.
Filipino nurses, at home and abroad, have been on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many falling sick and ultimately dying of the disease. Over 22 million have been infected with COVID-19 in the U.S.A., the worst-hit country in the world, ...
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